Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Get Bitten!"....I'm Trying!

So as many of you shopping goers out there know, Steve & Berry bit the dust and joined many others in the bankrupt-economy in the sky. It happened a couple months ago, but for some reason I was thinking about it today. I've only been to Steve & Berry once or twice, and it was towards the end of its time with us. I wish I listened to long-time BFF and name-twin when she told me to go there because everything was so cheap!

During my shopping visit, I discovered Bitten. Bitten is Sarah Jessica Parker's affordable clothing brand! I bought a pair of jeans for under $20 and because they were closing, it only came out to like $5.00!! Great deal and it's one of my favorite pairs of jeans. Everyone knows that it's hard to find a great pair of jeans, and if you find a brand you like, stock up.

Well, today I was thinking that I need to stock up. I know Steve & Berry has been gone for a few months, but in the back of my head I didn't worry because there is always online shopping. I've been looking for an online store for the past hour and haven't found any! I've found some on ebay and other sites like that, but I don't want those. I came across an article in People magazine online and it said that SJP has gotten offers from retailers to be the new home of Bitten, but she wants to make sure she is making the right move for her customers. The right move is to make it available online, like now!

If anyone knows where Bitten is being a reliable online store...let me know!