Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spinning vs. Me....

Spring is just around the corner and I've got a few trips coming up. I'm a few months behind in my goal to get fit and lose weight. I just haven't been motivated, my fault, really. I've actually avoided weighing myself because I knew there would be no difference from almost two months ago.

Well, this morning as I was waiting for the shower to heat up, I saw that little sucker in the corner collecting dust. Yeah, you know, the scale. I thought, "What the heck...mind as well." I hop on and low and behold, -8 lbs. Crazy, right?! That negative number was stuck in my head the whole day. I thought,"Well, maybe I remembered my January weight wrong." So I looked back and it was just as I remembered.

You'd think I'd be more excited about this. But I have to remember that I was really sick during the month of January and I changed my diet a bit. So that's probably where the loss came from. Regardless, it was a great wake-up call and I told myself,"Why break the streak?"

Share asked me this afternoon to go to spin class with her. I've gone before and actually enjoyed it. It's been a few months since I last stepped into the gym, so I hesitated at first and didn't give her an answer. "Why break the streak?" So, finally I told her I would. We got there and I felt so tired and sluggish (I didn't even workout yet!). There was a small percentage of me that wanted to back out because I woke up not feeling well and had a sore throat. Sign that I am probably getting sick....again! But I sucked it up and went.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you, spinning kicked my @$$! I could not keep up, even with a sick instructor who wasn't even as tough as other spin instructors. My legs, arms, and @$$ (I forgot how much those bike seats hurt!!!) were killing me not even halfway through the class.

I won't let this discourage me. Even though I did lose a couple lbs. doesn't mean I'm fit or healthy. Tonight's spin class proved to me that I am truly out of shape (like I didn't know that already). Once I got home, I plopped myself on my bed and didn't want to move for the entire episode of The Deep End and Grey's Anatomy. Let's see how Turbo Kick Boxing and Zumba treat me!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I really just can't get enough of FRIENDS. It's one of my all time favorite shows. I love watching the re-runs, and I still find myself cracking up! They are just too funny. Tonight's episode, Ross had some important event and none of the friends were ready to go. The funniest part of the episode is when Chandler and Joey fight over the chair.

Chandler was sitting on the chair first, then gets up to go to the bathroom. When he comes back, he sees Joey sitting in the chair he just deserted. They argue about it, Chandler hides Joey's underwear, Joey wears all Chandler's clothes, Joey takes the essence of the chair (the cushions, duh!). It was just too funny.

It reminded me of my childhood. No, no one hid my underwear and no one wore all my clothes! When I was little, whenever we left a chair we intended to return to, we always said "Savings!" And that was one could touch that seat. And if someone did, we argued, "But I said 'savings!" It's funny how we made that the rule that everyone had to obey. 20 and some odd years later and we still use that magic word and it works.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Ramble: Part 2

I actually sat down yesterday and planned to blog about....something....anything. I looked over a couple of drafts that I started, but never finished and, well, deleted them, except for one. There is one draft sitting in my Edit Posts tab that I'm still holding on to. To be honest, I don't have the balls to post it yet. Maybe soon....maybe.

So as I sat there, I just couldn't think of anything blog-worthy. I have had a couple little things in mind, but nothing that deserved its own entry. You like how seriously I take this? you can see from my other posts, not serious at all. I guess I was just in one of those moods yesterday. So I just read some of the blogs I follow and logged out.

I sit here again thinking of what to blog about and thought I'd do another installment of a random ramble, I mean hey, that's all I've been doing on this entry so far, right? I'm all about consistency.

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a fan of the Kardashians. I was at Sephora this past weekend with my mom and sister. When we entered the store, we all went our separate ways. I, for once, steered clear of the make-up and went to the perfume section. I've been meaning to find a new scent since I'm all out of my Juicy and L.A.M.B. perfumes. As I walked up and down the perfume aisle/wall, my mom and sister come up to me and asked if I found Kim's new perfume yet. Funny how they knew I was looking for that exact scent! I know she just launched it at the Sephora in NYC, so I was hoping it'd be there. I don't know if I would have bought it (probably though), but I am very curious to smell it.

For my fellow Catholics, yesterday marked the first day of Lent. This is the time to reflect, sacrifice, and make new resolutions. I won't go into my beliefs too much, but I did want to share one of the things I gave up this year. One thing I gave up is meat. 40 days (or 39 as of today) of no beef, chicken, pork. One question that comes to mind is, "Is seafood meat?" I mean, I've never considered it meat since we can still eat fish on Fridays. But isn't it still meat?

Finally, I was on and saw this adorable video of this 3-year-old crying over Justin Bieber. haha...I feel just sorry for her future boyfriend...just kidding (kind of), she's too cute! Check her out here!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loving My Private Jet

Of course I don't have my own flying aircraft. One of my guilty pleasures...well not even guilty because I'm not my love for reality television. It's great entertainment! One of the shows I follow regularly is Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Great show, right?!

How many of you remember that episode where Kim 'finds' the chihuahua on the street? Well, when she finds that pup, she walks into a nail salon and asks them if they had OPI's My Private Jet. Me and my sister were really curious to know what color that was. Who really knows why we were so intrigued. I mean, it's only nail polish right? And if you really think about it, it was probably just an advertisement plug. worked and we wanted to know what nail color Kim was looking for! haha!

I haven't gotten my nails done in a while. Well, lately I've just been painting them myself. Now that I'm trying to be more aware of how I spend my money, getting my nails done just seemed like a waste of money. But sometimes a girl just needs to pamper herself and the other day I had some time to kill before going out. I drove to the small, local nail place near my work that I've gone to in the past. It's your typical asian owned place where they do manicure, pedicure, haircut, and wax. Those places are usually really cheap and get the job done.

I walked in and they were pretty busy with ladies getting their nails did. So they told me to wait a little bit and pick my color. I was in the mood for a dark grey/gun metal type color. Out of the 100+ colors they had on the wall, I could not find the one that fit my mood! It was quite upsetting. So then I started looking for something dark but with a metallic or glittery flare. I had a couple colors in my hand, but then saw this brownish/greyish color that had glitter. It looked brand new, so I picked it up and looked on the bottom. Yes. I'm sure you've was OPI's My Private Jet! It was meant to be. I love the color. She did two coats, but now I kind of wish she did three.

Here's what it looks like. It's lighter in person. Isn't it kick-ass? I am slightly disappointed because I felt like Kelly (my nail lady) was rushing, and after closer inspection from these pictures, I can see som messy spots. Oh goes on...(if you know me then you know what the next line is..hehe)...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surfing the Internet Waves

My earliest recollection of the computer is the one my family had. I believe it was an Apple computer, with the rainbow colored logo. I remember the black screen with the green images. I didn't have any use for computers back then, except to make those kick-ass dot matrix paper banners that were heavily pixelated. You better believe that every birthday party we threw had one of these banners hanging in the house. With the image of a birthday cake on either side of the "Happy Birthday" text.
Fast forward a few years to the AOL days. I was probably in middle school when we first got dial-up AOL internet. It was the best thing ever. I got to see my friends for 7-8 hours during school, talk to them on the phone when I got home, and then chat with them online for the rest of the night! AOL chat rooms started online dating! Because it was new, no one (at least not me or my friends) worried about crazy people out there, and I have to admit that I've met up with people I've met in those chat rooms. It was completely harmless, and we were just bored and met up at the mall or something. Don't tell my mom! haha...
I probably spend way too much time on the computer/internet. But it's nothing I am thinking of giving up. I'm on the computer the entire day at work, and if I'm at home, then I'll probably be online or my laptop will be on for some reason. You'd think that 8 hours would be enough, but there's always something to look up, right?

I am taking a night class this semester and I got to class a little early one night. I sat in front of the computer and it was an automatic reaction for me to open up Mozilla. Once the page loaded, I sat there thinking, "What website am I going to go to?" And a few of my usual websites popped into my head, such as Facebook, Blogger, Perezhilton, D Listed, work email (I know...).

I visited each of them briefly and nothing was updated since the last time I checked, which was maybe 2 hours prior to me getting to class. Which got me thinking, "Why do I feel so compelled to be online all the time, to check my usual websites a few times a day, waiting for something to be updated or new information to be posted?" Then I mentally put my foot down and thougt I should really just close the browser and just sit back and maybe meet some people in my class. So I did. I clicked on the red 'x' on the upper left hand corner, pushed the keyboard away and took my hand off the mouse. I looked around at the other early birds and saw that they were all in a trance in front of their own computers.

What thought came to mind next?

"Ahh, fcuk it, I'm gonna play Bejeweled." haha!

I know we live in a digital age, and I'm glad we do! I do agree that it takes over a significant amount of time that I'll never get back, but, hey, 'everyone else is doing it...' haha!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reason #3 to Watch the Super Bowl

Before I go into the third reason to watch the Super Bowl, I thought I'd share the first two reasons just for consecutive order's sake.

Reason #1: Football players are so freaken hot! I've had a thing for football players since high school, which is the reason I became a fan of the sport. Out of all the professional athletes out there, football players are definitely the best eye candy.

Reason #2: Is a follow-up to reason #1, I'm a fan of the sport! I just find it exciting and it's fun to watch games live or on T.V. It's easy to follow, and even if you don't know all the flags or penalties mean, you can still figure out what's going on.

And now Reason #3: The commercials.

I was very unimpressed with this years commercials. There can be numerous reasons for that. I hear that Pepsi chose not to buy any airtime this year and instead will use that money to help those in need. The economy is still in the shit-hole, so that may be another reason people didn't put much of an investment into Super Bowl commercials. In any case, I do have two favorites this year.

The first one is the Google commercial. When I was actually watching it for the first time on T.V., I didn't get it because I wasn't really paying attention. But I saw all the buzz on Facebook about this, so I YouTube'd it. It's so cute! Check it out below:

The second one is the Bud Light T-Pain Auto Tune one. HAHA! Absolutely high-larious!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Ramble

I don't really have a specific topic for this entry, not because I don't have any ideas. I always have ideas and topics waiting in the queue. Why don't I pick one of them? Eh, another time when I'm in the zone. You know which zone...yeah, that zone. heh...

Let me officially congratulate the New Orleans Saints for their first Superbowl win in their franchise history! I was rooting for you guys, love it when the underdogs prove everyone wrong. Boo-yeah! To be honest, I'm not a Colts or Saints fan, but of the two, I, of course hoped for the Saints. Great win for this team, but...not an exciting game. I believe there was only one interception the entire game, which was by Saint's Tracy Porter. That was one of the very few times I got up and cheered. Congratulations again and now the waiting game for the next football season.

I've recently added Google Analytics to this blog and let me tell you, it's so much fun! I use Google Analytics for work to track website traffic and to get metrics. But it's simply for fun and curiosity for this blog. My sister Share uses (which I've used in the past but I'm trying to get the hang of Google Analytics) and she tells me that her top search words in search engines are " etiquette." Try it out on and you'll find her blog as the second search result. So in the month or so that I've had GA installed, I've had two visitors that came to my blog from a search engine. And what did they search, you may be thinking? The first one was "don't wake, when i'm dreaming, california dreams just let me lay out in the sun" and the second one was "don't wake me up california dreams blogspot." Funny, right?! I mean, how many of you guys are California Dreams fans? I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched that show. Another interesting fact is that they are both international. One of them is from Saint Kitts and Nevis (I never knew this place existed until I Googled it) and the other one is from Japan. So thank you my international California Dreams fans for stopping by! Greatly appreciate it :) Feel free to stop by again.

I dedicate this video to you both! Enjoy :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy's at its Best...and Worst

The Grammy's is probably my favorite awards show. It would either be that or the MTV Music and/or Movie awards. Celebrities just seem more laid back and are ready to have fun during those three award ceremonies. I, and over 25 million other people, tuned in to Sunday nights Grammy's and I was well entertained.

Although I missed Lady Gaga's opening performance, I was able to catch it on the ever so reliable She doesn't disappoint. I always to expect a great show from her, I semi-wanted to go to her concert when she was in town, but didn't. Heard it was fab though!

I'm not going to comment on every performance, but I do have a comment for a few of them.
  • P!nk: I totally respect you as an artist. I wasn't a big fan of yours up until I went to the Britney Spears concert and you did your acrobatics thing. Totally cool and I was very impressed. Then you performed "Sober" at the 2009 Video Music Awards on MTV. Love that song and again, totally impressed with your acrobatic skills. Then you preformed "Have You Ever" at last night's Grammy's and tried to dazzle us with the acrobatics yet's getting kind of old. We get you are flexible and strong...and you can sing at the same time as hanging from a piece of cloth. But you have to give us something new! Time to step it up!
  • Beyonce: I really enjoyed your performance, it was probably my favorite of the night, but don't get why you got so nervous while accepting your award. You even say,"I'm sorry, I'm nervous." BUT...after googling, I saw that you picked up six awards last night, which is a record for a female artist. So I'm going to overlook that. Congrats, girl!
  • Taylor Swift: You are still one of my faves! I'm still a fan of your Fearless album and think you're the sweetest and most humble young artist out there. I heard a lot of people saying you were way off pitch last night, and I have to agree. But! I wasn't a fan of yours because you're the greatest singer (that's not an insult, I promise), but I respect that you write your own songs, play a few instruments, and seem like a genuinely nice person who doesn't let fame get to you. I heart Taylor Swift!
My vote for worst dress is (drum roll please): Jennifer Hudson. The black tights are not kickin' it for me. Without would've worked! Maybe I'm being too hard on her, I mean, I think it's flattering on her it's just that the tights are throwing me off. And she looks so good for just having a baby! So I'll take my vote back and give it to...

Photo courtesy of

...Ciara. Girrrrrrl...what were you thinking?! I'm so confused by the whole thing!
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My vote for best dress goes to...*gasp*'s a tie! This award goes to both Rihanna and Lea Michele of Glee!!! *applause* Both ladies look fab-u-lous! I wish I could look this good :)

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