Saturday, May 8, 2010

Break Time a.k.a. Procastinating

I've dedicated today to all things packing. I've packed a box here and there, but today everything should be done. I've been anticipating my move weekend for a while now, and now it's quickly approaching. I have a business trip to go to before my move, hence the need to pack everything now so I don't need to worry about it when I get back.

I've settled my cable/internet issue! I was so frustrated that I just made up my mind to get Comcast. I was all excited when I was filling out my information and then I ran into a problem that blew my mind. Apparently, Comcast does not service my area. What?! I couldn't believe and I had to call for a serviceability request. A day later, the confirmed that they don't service my building. Aren't they one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cable provider?! Anywho, I ended up signing up for Astound, which is a local cable provider. I'll have to get used to the channels because I'm used the Comcast channel numbers, but Astound is cheaper than Comcast and it's not like I'll get a lesser quality of the networks.

I still have to get a U-Haul. Buy a TV and buy a sofa in the next week. Ambitious of me huh? Of maybe incredibly dumb for getting all the 'big stuff' at once. That's just how I am though. I hate having to wait for things. I want everything in my new place right when I move. That's going to cause a major dent in my bank account. Probably more like a collision.

I still need to make an IKEA trip too, because, well, it's required. You always have to do an IKEA trip when moving. Regardless if you need something or not. I like looking at the showrooms for ideas. IKEA can wait a couple weeks though.

The buzzer of the dryer marks the end of my break time. My next post might be from the comfort of my new place, stay tuned!

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